Billings Renaissance Faire – June 6/7/8th 2015

I’m a little late writing this post as it has been a fun but crazy summer so I am trying to catch up on my blogging now the weather is starting to creep into fall.

The first faire of the season is the best one for me; it is small, but not so small that you can’t find enough to do for the whole weekend. It is also where I made some great friends who I now meet up with year after year.

Billings is a couple of hours from my home so I always drive up Friday night and spend the evening with the friends I made at the Renaissance Faire two years ago. We spent the evening fixing armor for our gear or making new weapons. My friends LARP with Amtguard’s ‘Barony of Skystone’ and make their own foam weapons from camp pads, fabric and cloth tape. Even though the weapons are reasonably safe, they can still hurt if you get whacked hard enough.

Some pictures from this year’s Billings Renaissance Faire with Enigma, the long wolf, and Hemdall (his father):

And a video of one of the first battles between Enigma and Hemdoll that I had the chance to capture on film:

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