Roadtrip 2015 – Day 19

Day 19
I awoke to the sound of jake-brakes and logging trucks. I broke “camp” quickly and made a split moment decision to change my travels plans. I laid awake last night a little fed up that I was doing more driving and less “experiencing”. My favorite place in Idaho is the area around the Sawtooth Range of mountains and I decided to drive that route again, but to take my time.


I pulled off at a view point for the most impressive part of the Sawtooth Mountains and was blessed with a herd of cow elk and a few calves grazing across the meadow. I was even lucky enough to get a picture of one calf suckling from his mother. Elk calves are just as violent with their head-butting for milk as foals and bovine calves. It was definitely the highlight of my day.



I stopped every half hour to let the dogs out to get some exercise, play in the water or just for me to stretch my legs. I wanted to keep mileage to a minimum, and this was a good way of doing so.

For a town of only about 3,500 people Ketchum, ID sure was a crazy busy town and I had to use Google Maps in order to find a gas station as there wasn’t one on the main route through town, and it certainly wasn’t the easiest town to navigate through.

I headed out of town via Sun Valley and found a pull-off just above the creek that was just far enough off the road to be usable,but a little too close to be able to let the dogs run free without an eye on them. Cody got sap in his fur which I had to cut out and then we went to play in the creek. Unfortunately I didn’t find a place in town, at least off the main drag, and so I am out of beer for the evening.


I have been watching the ducks and other birds on the creek ponds and just generally enjoying some quiet time with the dogs. It is a beautiful area and the weather is perfect and cool…for now. I have plans in town tomorrow since I am determined to not just make this a driving trip, which it feels like it has been so far. Hoping the weather stays like this until noonish tomorrow.



We took a short hike along the creek ponds as I found a well-worn and level trail. It took us below the road, at the bottom of an “avalanche” of rocks (at least that’s what it looked like from the bottom) to a small meadow filled with flowers and tall grasses.

Along the trail I watched some ducklings with their mother and laughed as a few of them “ran” across the water. It was really rather cute. I also was lucky enough to stumble across three different snakes along the trail, all of which I believe to be grass or garter snakes of some kind. They were very shy and quick to get out of my way so I didn’t get any good pictures. They were a pretty good size though and were a bonus to all the wildlife I have seen today.



I have also had fun experimenting with my camera and have some interesting shots that I think I can add to my portfolio.

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