Renovations: Part 2

One of the first blog posts I made was about decorating Idlewild to my taste (medieval/Viking decor) and I still love it, with it’s rustic charm, rough edges and homey feel. However there was something nagging in the back of my mind that it still didn’t feel quite right. The dinette, while an appropriate bench and table set-up for the Vikings, just took up so much space in a 25ft RV. Removing it would give me the space I wanted and the ability to use the camper while the slide was in. The moderately-tolerable sofa-sleeper wasn’t working without arms to lean against…not to mention that it wasn’t exactly comfortable to sleep on so it too had to go. The aim is to replace it with a small love-seat if I can find one to fit the 35″ space between the slide and the back of the camper.

So before winter truly set in in northern Wyoming I took a weekend to renovate the various things I didn’t like so much. I did most of the work myself but did have a little help from a friend and neighbor with some saw work.

Keystone mid-level model RVs aren’t known for their long-term construction strength so was surprised at how much effort it took to removed the dinette, benches and sofa. Everything in the RV was very well installed with strong materials and screws instead of staples or nails. This bodes well for long-term use over the next few years I plan to live in Idlewild with the dogs.

So here’s the deconstruction, with pictures:

The first phase was removing the dinette from the slide. The worst part of this was the flat plates that held the the arch of the benches together. It took a little force and a little finesse to get it done, but it was managed successfully with a little bit of cussing and swearing.

The finished space (apologies for the clutter)

The “bench” underneath the sleeper-sofa. This bench provided storage through-space underneath but I was willing to give that up in order to have a space to put in a comfortable couch.


The finished space after cleaning and adding burlap to the walls to match the rest of the camper.

With removing the dinette benches I lost some storage space, and generally where I kept my DVDs. As such I had to build a DVD case for the bigger percentage of my movies. One thing I learned was that it might have been better to build the shelving unit outside of the camper and then installed it after, but it worked out none-the-less.


I then took the skins that were originally covering the benches and the small sofa side “tables” and hung them over the front of the DVD case so that I kept with my theme (hiding the modern stuff). I need to add a front lip or bar on the shelves to stop disks from falling out while moving down the road, but that will wait for next summer.


Idlewild has been stored now for the winter so there is no more work to do for a while. I found a small love-seat that fits tightly but adequately in the space where the sleeper-sofa was but didn’t get the chance for pictures. I will update when I get some.

The next project I plan on tackling is sealing the roof in order to maintain its integrity, followed by replacing the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.

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