RV No More

After arriving at my friend’s place in Washington I was still feeling that same feeling I had in Arizona…something was missing. I was surrounded by the things I wanted….water, trees, grass, more water, and some snow, and I had friends here…but there was still something that didn’t feel right.

I had spent the last seven years in Wyoming with a good job, quite a few good friends, and family I saw for three months a year when they visited from England…and that is what I was missing. My reasons for moving to and living in the US were no longer the same reasons I had left the UK and stayed in the US.

I realized that my adventures in the US were coming to end after 20 years; it was time to move back to the UK and make memories and create new adventures with my family and old friends, not to mention explore Europe. It was a decision that I had already started to make before I had gone back to the UK in 2017; I knew eventually I would move back as family got older…I just hadn’t expected it to be so soon. I had thought I would be in the US as long as my dogs lived, and to complete a thru-hike of the PCT when they were gone…and THEN move back to the UK after a four month trip to New Zealand. My, how things change.

With my decision mostly made and 95% certain I chatted with my mom and the decision became 100% after hearing myself talk about it. I booked my ticket home for October 3rd so I could enjoy one last summer in the US and get in more road-trips, a wedding and as much backpacking as possible.

Somehow I managed to pack up everything I owned and wanted to keep and sell the RV within 6 days of arriving in Washington. I didn’t get what I wanted for it, especially with all the upgrades (and the 200W of solar I had JUST installed 3 weeks prior) and everything I let go with it but I did get more than my minimum. I was also able to sell the hitch separately which helped. Everything was either then stored in the hay shed or donated to the local Goodwill.

My friends graciously let me stay with them while I had my truck checked out for a couple of issues. During that time I started getting my travel itinerary and summer organized and packed up almost everything to be shipped to the UK. After a month I knew I was over-staying my welcome. I was also itching to be traveling. With no RV and just my truck, and the dogs and me, I was ready to embrace freedom and on March 19th I headed to the coast and then on to Canada.

So my RV life is over but my nomadic travels with the pawprints in my life are not. Do I regret it? No; I loved the 6 months I spent with the RV but it was also too big for what I needed, although perfect size for what my original plan had been (work in one place for 8 months and travel for 4). There have been many times over the past few months since selling it that I have felt relief at not having to haul it. I do miss the space when the weather is crappy and the three of us are stuck in 36sq ft of truck cab, or the days it would be nice to just chill and watch a movie and do nothing. I miss the fridge and having my own bathroom and shower, but the convenience of being able to randomly and easily find campsites with just the truck more than makes up for it, not to mention using less fuel.

So it is farewell to RV life and hello to truck life

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