So where have you landed?

Okay, so let’s get the boring, introductory stuff out of the way: My name is CJ, I’m 40, female, have two Border Collies (hence the pawprints) who go by the names of Cody and Kye. They are much smarter than most people I know; I swear Cody could drive my truck if his legs were a little longer and he had opposable thumbs.  I started out this adventure life with a 2000 F-250 7.3l diesel and I used to have a 2007 Keystone Springdale 5W RV known as The Longhouse (viking influence). I am no longer RVing or have my truck and am now based in the UK with the dogs…but it can still get interesting at times.

A little bit of back history on me, for those who need some reading material to fall asleep, rather than counting sheep:

I was born in England and have always had the wanderlust gene…oh and I get bored really easily. I moved to the US when I was 18 in 1998 with $70 in my pocket and a bag of clothes, and not really knowing a soul. I do have family in Virginia and the D.C. area, but I was looking for an adventure so the big city didn’t really seem like a good starting point.

I have worked and traveled all over the western US, mostly wrangling on guest ranches in Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming. I have never stayed in once place for more than about 6 months before wanting to move on. Everything I owned fit in the back of my pick-up truck…and I liked it like that. I have even written a book about my experiences on different ranches that you can find here on Amazon. It is called “Life Between My Horse’s Ears” and is a mixture of stories, photography and cowboy poetry.

I wrangled and ranched for the better part of 10 years before settling in Wyoming for a while. My parents (my dad and step-mom) came here on their honeymoon and fell in love with it, bought a house and there I remained for 7 years, all the while my itchy feet were just screaming at me.

I co-owned a small cattle ranch for a while until my partner passed away a few years ago, but that income enabled me to buy the RV which I was living in during the summer at the ranch.

Even thought the RV is no longer part of my life I will still be traveling and doing all kinds of fun stuff to get me on the road no matter where I am. Thankfully I have very few financial constraints (I have no debt). I will be pursuing my passions in photography, videography, camping, backpacking, creative writing and being free.

Follow our tails and trails as Cody, Kye and I road-trip and backpack across Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon or start new and different adventures in Europe. I’ll be trying new gear and products and can hopefully share the good, or bad, results of my trials and errors.

One thought on “So where have you landed?

  1. CJ, I enjoy the accounts of your trips and the pictures, particularly of the the Bighorn Mountains. I am a big fan of these Mountains but don’t really have the stamina to be much of a hiker. I have taken some horseback trips. This is the way I visited Horseshoe Lake just off the Edelman trail. If you have any pictures of hiking trips that wandered off the trails I would really enjoy any photos of the backcountry in this area. Thanks again for your very interesting trip descriptions. Best Regards, John


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