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Sometimes I want to read a blog from day one but often there aren’t options, or there isn’t an easy way to find the first post about a road-trip or an RV adventure or a camping trip or a thru-hike. So to make things easier for anyone who hasn’t started at the beginning I am including a list of blog posts for easy navigation.

It will be set up so that you can start at the beginning of each year, or just start with the first post in a particular series i.e. Roadtrip 2015. Both will be available.

I will update this list each time I make a start on a new series, with the newest being at the top, and the older posts at the bottom. Hikes and other trips will take priority and be reserved the top spaces, while gear reviews and lists will remain lower down. Let me know if you think it should be the other way around. Thanks.


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