Pawprints and Me

I introduced us all on the first page but this is a more in depth introduction to the crew; myself, the dogs who travel with me everywhere and the cat that holds down the fort when we’re gone.


My name is CJ. I currently live in south east England after living in the western US for 20 years and having done some amazing jobs and seen some stunning places. I have two border collies who moved to the UK from the US with me (that’s a whole other post right there). I love photography, creating videos, riding horses, road-tripping, my dogs, cats and other critters. I don’t mind bugs, spiders, mice or snakes (in fact I can’t think of anything I have a phobia of). I loved living in a log house in the foothills of the mountains of Wyoming and I hate snow (I lived in the wrong place, I know). I dreamed of being a football player, a fighter pilot, a marine biologist and a professional jockey when I was younger. I have always had the itch to travel.

I enjoy technology most of the time but love being away from it when I camp for days at a time. I don’t miss it, or anything it provides.

I would be a happy hermit if I could be as I am an introvert by nature. I am comfortable with people and am not shy, but I prefer my own company which is why I travel alone. There is nothing more freeing than throwing the camp box, a cooler and a bag of clothes in my truck and heading out for a month with no particular destination or route in mind. The nice thing about a truck is that it can get almost anywhere off the beaten path to find solitude.

*  *  *  *  *


Cody is my male Border Collie. As of April 2021 he is 13 years old and a darn good cow dog. He has been with me since 2009 and worked with me on several ranches. He is just as happy running for miles on end in the mountains or working cattle for hours as sitting curled up on the couch with me and demanding I rub his belly. He has a few tricks up his furry sleeve, including smiling on command and dancing on his hind legs. He is my bubba and best friend and goes with me everywhere. He is also the most pathetic-looking dog in the world; he excels at the “ASPCA-I’m-abused” look in order to get people to give him attention…because apparently the only reason God gave me two hands was to pet him.

Disclaimer: Cody has never been abused in his life and the cows he is so good at working would laugh if they saw the other side of him.

*  *  *  *  *


Kye is my female Border Collie/ McNabb mix who doesn’t just wag her shorter tail but her entire body when she gets excited. She’s a petite 32# collie with HUGE personality, and another smiler when she thinks she’s in trouble or gets excited. She also learned to watch TV after I put on a sheepdog training DVD in my living room. She loves to watch cows, horses and dogs on movies and has often gone behind the TV to look for other animals when they leave the side of the screen. Along the same lines, she is also obsessed with her reflection.

IMG_3582375936258 2013-04-13 13.15.38 Kye 3

3 thoughts on “Pawprints and Me

  1. I really enjoyed your hiking stuff. I went up Cloud Peak years ago but have no other experience out there. If you ever want some suggestions for you and the dogs to go in the Southern Absaroka, northeastern Winds, Gros Ventre, or Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo I’m happy to share. I have lots of pics on Facebook. I’d also like to suggest you post at
    and Thanks again for sharing some exquisite country,

    John Betts
    Jackson, WY


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