My RV doesn’t look like a camper anymore…at least on the inside

Motels and campers have one thing in common: no style. Or at least what style they do have is limited to generic patterns and fabrics with absolutely no character and feeling in them. It is no wonder that most RV owners, especially full-timers, paint, re-upholster, re-floor or otherwise turn their house on wheels into a place that actually feels like home.

These are a few of the pictures of Idlewild when I first bought her in 2014:

As you can see, she had no redeeming home-like qualities, except for maybe the shower curtain, but I loved the layout and I’m still very happy with that aspect.

So what’s a girl to do?

As I mentioned previously, I am very much into the medieval era, vikings, celts, fantasy, renassaince fairs and the like. I wanted to create a home that felt like I wasn’t in a camper, and I wanted to be able to step back in time (with a few modern conveniences of course) when I stepped through the door. I wanted a rustic feel with hints of the ancient vikings and celts and this is what I think I achieved. Furs and skins feature predominantly throughout the camper, as does burlap fabric, faux leather cloth, weapons and wall decor. The deisgn is a little mishmashed as far as era goes, but I think it achieves what I set out achieve…and it makes a great sanctuary from a house full of people.

Avoiding the use of paint since I wanted a rustic look I covered the walls with burlap and left rough edges at the ceiling and around the doors. Leather-printed and mottled-earth fabrics were also used in the bedroom and as accents on the wooden cupboards. Tan, sherpa-style rugs and a cow-skin rug have been added to the floor to hide the linoleum and slightly-worn carpet and add to the over-all feeling of a rustic, viking-style home.

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