Roadtrip 2015 – Day 16

Day 16
Kye alerted me to something she didn’t like at 5am this morning. After pulling out the flashlight AND the night-vision monocular, and watching for 15 minutes I determined it wasn’t an animal but rocks constantly fall across the the river. I’m sure nothing ever happened but I just couldn’t stay in a place where the risk of a landslide, small or large, was a possibility…Kye awoke me for a reason and I listened. I drove a mile or two up the road and parked on the side.

I got another three hours of sleep, I think, before I woke up. Unfortunately I had been parked slightly downhill on the left side of the truck which meant I was head-down-hill. At the time I hadn’t cared much and thought I was fairly balanced but the way my back felt this morning (where I had already had a compression fracture and compressed disk) told me otherwise. That was pretty uncomfortable for a while.


My initial thoughts on road travel, despite the gorgeous scenery, turned out to be a supremely long route and it took me almost 10 hours to travel 250 miles. I discovered some interesting red-barked trees that are gorgeous and unique, called Madrones, on the drive, and was also rewarded with a view of the South Umpqua River Falls which are unique in their formation, but also the river’s contribution to salmon spawning grounds and passageway from the Pacific Ocean.



I honestly never thought I was going to find a campsite for the night and was getting less and less picky as I traveled towards Crater Lake NP. The only highlights of the drive, after the falls, were the owl who took flight in front of me…and then disappeared a second before I hit the camera shutter button…and the fawn.


The campsite was less than perfect but it was welcome and much needed, and the dogs and I played ball for a while as I figured out a rough plan of action for the next couple of days. Although I am not ready to go home, I am fed up of all the driving I am doing…I don’t seem to have a short day at all, which would be very welcome. I don’t have to be home for another 10 days so I need to try and shorten my driving time up quite a lot.


I found some mosquito coils left in the dirt by a previous camper and am making use of them tonight. The ‘skeeters aren’t as bad as the first night, but one got me on the butt while I was answering the call of nature…and that just SUCKS!

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